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What is Moana
Hotel VIP customer policy?

VIP and VVIP are a very special group of customers, contributing significantly to revenue and profit for most hotels today. This group of customers requires a higher standard of service and is more stringent than normal customer groups. Especially during the reception process, hotel staff should perform thoroughly and thoughtfully. VIP guests include: Head of the company, Head of travel agency, honeymoon couple, journalist journalist, event organizer, general manager or branch manager of a large company ...
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Conditions and Benefits when vip Customer

Your benefits are huge, becoming a Moana VIP customer is very simple

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions that you might wonder about, we areex answer for you

How do hotels identify me as a VIP customer?

You need to have one user account at our hotel, before booking or put certain services you just read an account or phone number, so we check the information

How do i check my VIP level?

You need to log in to your account to share personal information to check the level vip and offers package for you

What if I pass the highest VIP milestone?

To achieve milestones vip 4 you will need to spend about 30 000 $ for the hotel, is a big amount, but if you've achieved it, but you still want vip than the hotel we will have privileges more particularly for super vip customers, we will contact you regarding specific concessions

What if I want to make a reservation for a relative I am not present with?

Very simple, if you are a VIP customer wants reservation for relatives, the relatives you will be entitled to 50% of your VIP level, but you just put households relatives up to 2 times / month

Do non-VIP users enjoy the same privileges as us?

Of course not, VIP customer privileges are unique, we always appreciate the hotel's VIP customers and bring them exclusive deals that other people do not have.

If you have any other questions please contact us at
phone number + 81 392 353 199
or ask us via the contact form.


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